why we're here:

We believe that this world is a beautiful place. We should look after it, protect it, and, whenever we seek to change it, we should aim to enhance it.

We believe in the value of good design, that it helps make the world more beautiful and can reduce our impact on the planet both visually and in the resources we use.

We believe that great design will make you happier, more inspired, and feel more connected to the place you call home.

how we do it:

We are happy to admit that as architects go, we're young and we think it's a good thing. We're always learning and we start every project from that basis.

  • We seek out the right solutions for you and your family (employees or customers).
  • We develop solutions that work in their context, not drop anywhere one size fits all solutions.
  • Where appropriate we use the latest technology and best guidance to reduce costs, increase quality and provide the best design possible.
  • We don't do things because 'that's the way we've always done it.' If doing something differently will benefit our clients and the environment we'll do it.
  • We've got a lot to offer, but we know that when it comes to your project you're the expert, so we'll listen carefully to you, mix it up with our expertise and produce something you really will be proud of.
  • We may like to do things differently but we will always do our due diligence, investigate the issues, speak to the experts and make sure what we design will work. We design buildings to last a lifetime; we take the responsibility of your future seriously.
  • We will add value to any project. By adding joy and beauty. By making your home (office, shop or restaurant) 'just work'. By ensuring your project is built to last. By reduced running costs which will save you money time and time again as your home keeps rewarding you for many years to come. We'll make your home more desirable, hence protecting resale value, and we will make sure that your money is spent in the right places to get you the best value for it. This is our promise to you.

what we do:

We design homes:
Whether that be your home, or a 'home' for your business they are places special to the people who live in, own or use them. We want to work with individuals who care, not conglomerate companies. We like to work on projects small enough to get to the bottom of and deliver a truly personal service.

Our background is in the re-use of existing and historic buildings. We love breathing new life into anything from an old tumble down cottage, a Victorian mill, or even something from the 80's.

Extensions, New builds, Refurbishments, Interior Design. Conservation areas, Listed Buildings. Please get in touch now, we would love to discuss it.

We want to help make this world more beautiful, for you;
for everyone.

the basics:

Designplay is a small, chartered architects practice run by Peter Lay. We split our time between Leeds, West Yorkshire and Settle in the Yorkshire Dales, working on projects in Yorkshire and throughout the UK. We rely on common sense, intimate knowledge of materials and a practical understanding of how things are put together, to deliver great projects to our customers; meeting their needs & surpassing their expectations.

about pete:

Pete has gained great experience over the last decade working for respected architects, StudioBAAD, Bowman Riley, Wales Wales & Rawson, Overton Architects and Seven Architecture. His work has featured in a number of publications including the Architects Journal & Blueprint Magazine where he was listed as one of 50 top UK design graduates in 2009. Pete graduated from Leeds Metropolition University, he is a chartered architect registered with the ARB & RIBA.

Pete believes an intimate knowledge of how things are built is essential to great design, that 'the devil is in the detail' and that your home should make you smile everyday.

the touchy feely stuff:

We like wood. Green roofs full of scruffy grass and oddball flowers. Crumbling stone walls, hundreds of years old, with giant modern glazing butted right up to it! Beautiful, light, bright spaces that bring the outside in. Knobbly floorboards worn by the feet of a lifetime's sleepwalking and York stone pavers that have seen a thing or two. We love homes which inspire, engage the senses and touch the soul. Architecture that makes a house a home and every moment special. Architecture which respects the past and looks to the future; grows as you grow, dances as you dance and ages as you age, in the most graceful way possible. We love smiles on people's faces, and the satisfaction of doing a job well.

What do you love?


Designplay are chartered architects located near York and in Settle, North Yorkshire. Registered in England & Wales as Designplay LTD no: 08482096. The architects within this company are registered as such under the Architects Act 1997.

Royal Institute of British Architects - RIBA Architects Registration Board - ARB

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